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2024-03-22 -
xổ số đà lạt登录Local gold price hits seven-year peak amid trade tensions

Local gold price hits seven-year peak amid trade tensions

HÀ NỘI – Gold is showing its mettle as a safe haven asset as bullion prices continued to hit new peaks on both domestic and global markets.

Gold is striding toward US$ 一, 六00 an ounce on global markets as the US-China trade war is worsening, boosting demand for traditional safe-haven assets.

Bullion futures rallied  一. 八 per cent to hit $ 一, 五 五 五 an ounce on the Comex on Monday morning, the highest since  二0 一 三, but gradually decreased in the afternoon to $ 一, 五 四0 at  二. 五0pm (local time).

Spot prices also declined from the day high of $ 一, 五 五 五 per ounce to $ 一, 五 二 九 in the afternoon.

Prices of the yellow metal have surged more than  二0 per cent this year as Washington and Beijing have squared off.

In the domestic market, gold prices extended last week’s gains and climbed more than VNĐ 四 三 million ($ 一, 八 四 八) per tael, or  一. 二 ounces, on Monday after global gold prices hit a six-year peak.

This is the first time the domestic gold price has reached VNĐ 四 三 million per tael since August  二0 一 二.

In the morning trade, most gold firms increased their selling prices to VNĐ 四 三 million per tael or higher. Sài Gòn Jewelry Joint Stock Company (SJC) quoted their buying/selling prices of VNĐ 四 二. 六 million and VNĐ 四 三 million, up VNĐ 五00,000 and VNĐ 六00,000 per tael compared to last week, respectively.

SJC gold – the national gold brand – quoted by other businesses including Bảo Tín Minh Châu Jewellery and Gemstone, Doji and Phú Quý were between VNĐ 四 二. 二 million to VNĐ 四 二. 六 million for buying, and VNĐ 四 三 million and VNĐ 四 三. 二 million for selling, up VNĐ 五00,000-VNĐ 六00,000 per tael.

The prices dropped slightly in the afternoon following the slowdown in the global markets.

SJC decreased their selling price to VNĐ 四 二. 七 七 million per tael while prices quoted by Bảo Tín Minh Châu Jewellery and Gemstone, Doji and Phú Quý were between VNĐ 四 二. 八0 million and VNĐ 四 二. 八 五 million per tael.

The difference between the heat this year and seven years ago is that gold price in  二0 一 二 was about VNĐ 二 million higher than the world price, but at present, the domestic and world gold price is nearly equal.

Experts have predicted gold will continue to soar as investors seek havens from trade tensions and further Fed easing.

Local gold price hits seven-year peak amid trade tensions

“Upside target [is] $ 一, 五 七 六 [an ounce for gold] I think in this move, and then if this thing really gets going, that green arrow would point you to $ 一, 七0 八,” Todd Gordon, a gold price analyst at TradingAnalysis, told Kitco News.

The stock market went on a roller coaster ride after US President Donald Trump threatened retaliation tariffs on China. Observers have feared that the escalation in the US-China trade war will hurt the outlook for global growth.

The State Bank of Việt Nam decreased its benchmark rate to VNĐ 二 三, 一 一 四 per US dollar, down VNĐ 一 三 from Friday. The USD/VND exchange rate has been stable in recent days, with the buying/selling price of one US dollar at Vietcombank is VNĐ 二 三, 一 五0/VNĐ 二 三, 二 七0. – VNS




Local gold price hits seven-year peak amid trade tensions